Cone or bowl? Sugar or waffle? One scoop or two? Cookie dough or cookie crumbs? There are endless possibilities when it comes to ordering ice cream. But a new way to enjoy the timeless treat is coming to Kalamazoo. Get ready for Rollup Ice Cream and Tea. Originating in Thailand, this ice cream technique first came to the U.S. in 2015, and has spread quickly, and no wonder. It's dessert with a hibachi flair. It begins with thinly pouring a signature cream mix on to a freezer plate set to -19 degrees. Blades are then used to scrape the cream in to delicate rolls that are collected in a bowl and topped with delicious, fresh ingredients. As a bonus, Rollup Ice Cream will offer vegan options and fresh bubble tea.


Join us in welcoming Rollup Ice Cream and Tea, at 3262 Stadium Drive, in Kalamazoo this weekend.


Bonus Video: Ice Cream Rolls | Unicorn Ice Cream Rolls /oddly satisfying video/Ice cream by rollies in USA

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