I am a big fan of college football and was a very big fan of the University of Michigan’s football team.  Many of us U of M football fans thought that Shea Patterson should not have been the starting quarterback two seasons, that position should have gone to Dylan McCaffrey.

By the way, did you know that Dylan McCaffrey is the younger brother of the Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey?  Dylan not only did not start that year but he must of read the writing o the wall and decide to transfer from Michigan to play his last two years of eligibility somewhere else.

Now you may be wondering why I am writing about this and I certainly understand that.  I am not writing this to update you that he has chosen a college.  I am writing this because of the college he has now chosen to go to.

The Daily Caller reported that he and his family announced Sunday night that he’s transferring to The University of Northern Colorado Bears.  You may say big whoop who cares.  Well, his father and mother may because the head coach of the Bears is named Ed.

The coach's last name is McCaffrey.  Ed is Dylan’s father.

Dylan could have played for any major college, he is that good. Apparently, he could not pass up playing for his father.

As a father, I can’t even imagine how great his father must feel.

Good luck Dylan and remember when your father is coming down on you it is just to get the most out of you.

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