A "serial non-decider" is a term I just made up, but is used to describe someone who is consistently indecisive-- especially when it comes to what to order. I'm someone who wants to try a little bit of everything which is why I love the fact that more and more west Michigan restaurants are offering "flights" at their establishments.

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Wait, What's a "Flight"?

Also referred to as a "taster" or "sampler" a flight is a collection of offerings from a restaurant's menu, but served in smaller portions. That way you can taste a little bit of everything without breaking the bank or getting stuck will a full serving of something you don't like.

Traditionally when we hear the word "flight" we often think of beer, wine, or whiskey but today's flights have expanded to include food as well because...why not? Here in west Michigan we have restaurants that serve everything from waffle flights to tater tot flights to pie flights!

Café Rica

The Bredehoft family first got into the coffee game in 2016 when they started as an online retailer of Café Naranjo coffee and soon opened a brick and mortar location in downtown Battle Creek.

Now a popular spot for brunch and afternoon cocktails, the café serves everything from cold brew to salmon tostadas, but what what truly caught my eye was their margarita selection! The café recently posted on Facebook,

Margarita flights are perfect to share or to keep all for yourself! You can choose from 5 different flavors original, jalapeño, blackberry, strawberry, and hibiscus!

You don't need to tell me twice! See, this is why I love flights: as great as a hibiscus margarita sounds I've never had one before and what if it doesn't end up suiting my personal palate? This way I'm not stuck paying for an entire drink that I can't even finish. I definitely know where I'm headed for my next Sunday Funday!

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