On December 1st 2019 the first retail outlets were given the go ahead to sell recreational marijuana.  What many people didn't realize is that there were only 3 and they were in the Ann Arbor area.  Despite the low number, those 3 shops sold $221,000 in just one day.  For some it was worth the drive but most were left wondering when shops closer to Kalamazoo would be given the "green" light to start offering the products.  Well, wonder no more.

According to woodtv8.com, a medical marijuana dispensary in Bangor should be the first in the Kalamazoo area to offer recreational sales to the public.  The Green Door sent in it's final round of paperwork and, if everything goes right, it should start selling in the next 2 to 3 weeks.  Here's something you should be aware of though.  They're already a medical marijuana outlet and the state will only allow the sale of 50% of their inventory.  That means, when the day comes, there's probably going to be a long line.  We'll keep you posted.



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