Halloween is only a few days away and there are some iconic houses in Michigan whose owners do a bang-up job every year decorating for the holiday.

The famous Hix House on the east side of the state is known for its elaborately themed decorations every year, but the Halloween House in Marshall is no slouch either. In fact, the house is fully decorated for the 2022 Halloween season, and you can see all the decorations below before checking them out in person.

The "Halloween House" in Marshall, Michigan is located at the corner of Mansion and High street one block East of the hospital. If possible you'll want to see this in person at night.

Holly, the owner, does an awesome job decorating for Halloween and other holidays as well. The video below was shot and edited by Michael Rio, Harper Creek High School Digital Media teacher, as he posted on his social media page:

Here is a brand new 4K video of the amazing Marshall "Halloween House." Holly has some new improvements and changes since last year. If you can, it's better to view it in person in the evening. If not then streaming in 4K to your HDTV is the next best thing. The house is located at the corner of Mansion and High Street in Marshall, one block East of the Hospital. Feel free to share this video!

If you see any awesome Halloween decorations out there, feel free to send them to us on our app.

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