Today Marshall may be best known for being at the intersection of Interstates 94 and 69. Or perhaps for its magic museum, stately homes. Or just maybe as the almost but not quite capital of Michigan. But did you know that Marshall was once known as the 'Chicken Pie City?'

That fascinating little nugget of local knowledge was shared by the city's promotional organization, Choose Marshall:

Did you know that Marshall was once known as the "Chicken Pie City?" Since it was midway between Detroit and Chicago the steam engines would stop off to cool down on the route. Since there were no dining cars back then this would give passengers just enough time to eat some chicken pie before the journey continued.

Chicken pie served in steam locomotive days may not quite be the chicken pot pie you're accustomed to today. Mental Floss says the recipe dates to the Civil War era and

It’s the historical equivalent of the modern chicken pot pie, but with less vegetables—none—and more bacon, the only other ingredient.

So chicken and bacon in a pie pan. Okay.

One other thing to clear up about Marshall's historic Chicken Pie town title. Marshall isn't exactly midway between Detroit and Chicago (that honor goes to Kalamazoo) but as Marshall is the older city, it was the largest community near the midpoint.

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