Recently, U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak proposed legislation that could eventually have profound impacts on smokers in Indiana, and indeed the entire United States one state at a time if passed. The legislation calls for raising the legal age that people in England can buy cigarettes by one year, every year until it is eventually illegal for everybody to buy them.

So no matter when you're born, you're always at least a year behind where you need to be in order to legally buy cigarettes until it reaches an age frame that is so unobtainable, even if you do make it to that age, smoking will be the least of your problems.

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U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak commented on how this new law could save the younger generation and eliminate the possibility of children picking up smoking at such a young age.

People take up cigarettes when they’re young. Four in five smokers have started by the time they’re 20. Later, the vast majority try to quit ... if we could break that cycle, if we could stop the start, then we would be on our way to ending the biggest cause of preventable death and disease in our country.

This kind of legislation has the ability to eliminate under-age smoking completely, as Lion Shahab, Co-director of the Tobacco and Alcohol research group at University College London said:

This government’s plan to introduce ‘smoke-free generation’ legislation could become its defining legacy, righting a century-old wrong, with tobacco products being the only legally available commodity that, if used as intended, will kill over half of its lifelong users

Could legislation like this make its way to the states soon if passed and would you be in favor of it?

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