Mom catches twin sons looking up how to get a girlfriend and millions of people absolutely loved it.

Kaci is a mother of 3 young children in Mattawan.  Most of the videos on her TikTok channel (@kc2129) would fall under the category of "MomTok" while other videos are crystal unboxing videos, Walmart deals, and random trends. One of her videos featuring her twin sons has been viewed 2.7 million times in just 6 weeks.

In the viral TikTok, the young boys are telling their mom that they've searched for how to get a girlfriend.  So, they put a plan into action, and it is hilarious.  Not only has this video pulled in nearly 3 million views, but it's also been liked over 372 thousand times.

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In another one of Kaci's most viewed videos, she colors her hair.  The thing is, she's coloring her hair using water and tissue paper.  This video has been viewed 133.6 thousand times.  You can see the end result in the video below.

Here's how Kaci looked after coloring her hair with tissue paper.

In the video below that has been viewed 87.2 thousand times, the twin brothers talk to their mother about respecting women as a video response to a comment.

Kaci's three favorite TikTok channels are:

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