I love coming across a story that is completely out of left field, and I guess the story could be considered literally coming from the left. Back in 1871, there was apparently a professor who wanted to make a balloon ascension, starting in Milwaukee on the Fourth of July and attempting to pass over Lake Michigan.

This adventure actually came to be, and he successfully passed over the lake, not knowing that he would end up landing his hot air balloon in the most unlikely place, and that’s in Matawan Michigan. It must’ve been even more astonishing to the kids who ended up coming to his aid once he landed when they found out that he had to come from Milwaukee, but by way of air as the Sacramento Daily Union, detailed in their July 27 issue.

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Coming In Hot

The story details how temperatures were getting close to freezing and winds were picking up, just around the time he saw farming land that allowed for plenty of room to make a landing:

So, at a little after 10 o'clock, the anchor was thrown out, and after tearing up a fence it held on to a good bottom, and down came the air-ship in a clover Held, beside a road leading to Mattawan, a station on the Michigan Central Railroad, twelve miles this side of Kalamazoo. The descent was accomplished most successfully, and once safely landed, the Professor heard a wagon going past and called for help, when a number of young men came to his aid.

Does anyone remember or know where this may have happened? If you have any info let us know.

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