It's all about moving into the future.  I get that.  Gotta keep up with the times.  I only want one thing: go back to the 1970s and give me the original french fries.  I'm not going to let it go!  Someday they'll launch a retro/classic/nostalgic campaign and the most delicious fries ever made will be back baby!!!

According to Mark Edwards of Strauss Media, McDonald's is not only investing $206 million in Michigan, they're investing $6 billion to modernize most of the restaurants in the country.  We're talking modernized dining rooms, enhanced customer service with digital self-order kiosks, remodeled counters to allow table service so people can relax while they wait for their food to be made, parking spots for new curbside pick up from mobile orders and an overall facelift to locations that puts them into the 2020s.

So ya, I get it.  New look, new experience, keeping pace with the competition.  But do you want to know how they could avoid all the expense and save billions???  BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL FRIES!!!!

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