Is it just me or are we starting this early?  It's only the first week in February and the Michigan Department Of Transportation is already trying to fill potholes.  I understand that last week's cold snap might have done extra damage but shouldn't we wait until the worst is over?  By the way, potholes are created when snow and ice melt during the freezing/thawing cycle that seems to never end and creates a gap.  Then vehicles drive over said gap and a pothole is born and in some cases grows to adulthood.

Our friends at MDOT have set up a "report a pothole" page on their website to try and get ahead of the game and they've even added a link with tips on dealing with the potholes while driving.  The obvious one is AVOID the pothole when possible and the most interesting one is how to grip the steering wheel when you're about to hit one.  At any rate you can report, learn about potholes and get more tips to deal with them by clicking HERE.




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