There's playing to big crowds, and then there's this. At Metallica's recent show in Hämeenlinna, the final tally of audience members amounted to just shy of one perfect of Finland's entire population.

For those doing the math, as of 2017, Finland's population was tallied at 5.503 million, while 55,000 attended the Hämeenlinna performance at Kantolan Tapahtumapuisto on Tuesday night (July 16). The show bested the venue's previous attendance mark and became the biggest concert ever in the country of Finland.

Continuing their tradition of playing certain songs for the hometown audiences, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo performed "Kuuma Kesä" by Popeda as part of their "guitar doodle," also including "ManUNKind" and "Orion."

Metallica also continued their charitable ways, donating 55,000 euros to the Finnish children's charity Hope Ry. All four members met with the charitable organization prior to the show and learned that the money would help to support the hobbies for over 200 children for a full year.

Metallica continue to tour through Europe, but will return stateside in the coming months. To get in on tickets, head here.

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