UPDATE: 'The Metallica Podcast' is now set to launch on Aug. 20 on all podcast providers with new episodes rolling out on a weekly basis. A trailer has also been released, which can be heard here.

An official Metallica podcast, aptly titled The Metallica Podcast, is on the way — it will kick off with a deep dive into the heavy metal pioneers' landmark The Black Album that's celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021.

"Coming soon... The Metallica Podcast!" the band revealed on Thursday (Aug. 5) alongside a teaser clip. "We're starting with eight episodes taking a look behind the scenes at The Black Album. Subscribe for free wherever you like to listen and stay tuned for details."

Check out the preview near the bottom of this post, wherein Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich calls The Black Album the successful product of "the right combination of songs, the right combination of producer with the right combination of desire, tenacity, lineup of ideas."

A quick jump to a soundbite from James Hetfield has the Metallica singer adding, "The insanity that we do just to keep our own sanity — people identify with it. And the fact that they know they're not alone, and we know that we're not alone, is what makes it all happen for me."

Guitarist Kirk Hammett chimes in with a remark about his instrumental perseverance: "I'll just sit there and keep on playing for fuckin' 24 hours if I need to," he says.

The Black Album, "at that moment when we did it, it felt like the right thing to do," Ulrich continues. "It was always truthful; it was always pure."

The series will also cover the popularity of Black Album single "Enter Sandman," which Hetfield says "captured a lot of new family members" in Metallica listeners.

Remastered and expanded editions of the self-titled Metallica LP more commonly referred to by its color arrive on Sept. 10, as does The Metallica Blacklist, a Black Album tribute set featuring Metallica covers by Ghost, Volbeat, Weezer, Miley Cyrus and tons more. Pre-orders can be had on Metallica's website.

A premiere date for The Metallica Podcast has yet to be announced, but it will be available here soon.

The Metallica Podcast Teaser

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