With jobs and employment being a hot topic as the country deals with one of the side effects of the the pandemic, Kalamazoo-based Bronson Healthcare has been named Employer of the Year by the Michigan Works! Association, for "their commitment to training and developing a pipeline of skilled and competent talent in Michigan."

Bronson Health Care Group employs some 8400 workers and 1500 medical staff at some 100 facilities, making it a leading employer in the region. Originating in Kalamazoo, the Bronson Healthcare brand has expanded in Battle Creek, South Haven and many other communities in this area.

“This award recognizes private sector companies that, in partnership with Michigan Works!, go beyond the call of duty, continuously contributing to local job placement and promoting education to maintain a skilled workforce. - Ryan Hundt, CEO of the Michigan Works! Association.

Cheryl Johnson, chief people officer for Bronson Healthcare system says "tt is very important to us to bring healthcare to the forefront for students as they consider their talents, interests, and future careers, and to create pathways and growth opportunities for our current workforce. Partnering with Michigan Works! has helped us build school and community relationships that connect more people with the many rewarding jobs Bronson has to offer."

As front line healthcare workers have been in the spotlight for the past 18 months, it's interesting to note that Bronson regularly participates in MiCareerQuest Southwest, which is a career exploratory event for local eighth graders, and, during the last several months, has been
working with Michigan Works! Southwest to establish several Registered Apprenticeships, as it appears possible this pandemic may go on indefinitely.

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