Join Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop from the Rocker Morning Show in welcoming actor Michael O'Neill just after 7:00, Thursday, March 19th. He stars in the upcoming NBC drama series Council of Dads. The show is about father of five Scott Perry whose world is thrown into upheaval when he's diagnosed with a potentially terminal disease. He calls upon his most trusted fans to step in as "back-up dads" to help guide and support his family just in case there comes a time when he can't do it himself. Bring your tissues. This one is going to be a rough, tug-at-your-heartstrings ride. Michael is best known for his work in Michael O'Neill is an actor, known for Dallas Buyers Club, The West Wing, and Seabiscuit.

Don't miss the exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with Michael O'Neill just after 7:00, Thursday, March 19th.

Bonus Video: COUNCIL OF DADS | Official Trailer

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