There are some really unique housing and building structures in Michigan that range in everything from lavish, odd, unique and at times, ridiculous. Such is the case for two buildings in Michigan that are literally giant barrels. The Root Beer Barrel concession stand was thriving from the 50's through the 70's, but closed down near that time. In recent years it's been thriving with new life, as people have waited in long lines to support this unique and fun business, as one person recalled how Douglas united to bring it back:

When it's 1950 and you're looking to make a fortune selling hot dogs and root beer, you need to think big. In the case of Joe Decker and Harold Kelly, that meant building their own giant wooden barrel in Flint, Michigan, and then carting it across the state to Oval Beach near Saugatuck. Fast forward 70 years and several owners later, and the barrel has reopened selling root beer and food after the Douglas community banded together to restore the structure. It's well worth a stop to participate in a fun way to experience local history.

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The Pickle Barrel House

The Pickle Barrel House is another unique barrel shaped building in Michigan, only this one actually had people living in it. It was built in 1926 by the Pioneer Cooperage Company as a summer home for their cartoonist William Donahey, who created "Teenie Weenie." The cottage has a living area, pantry, kitchen, and bedroom and in 1937, was re-located from the shores of Sable Lake to Grand Marais where it has resided ever since. The cottage was renovated and purchased by the historical society back in 2003.

I'm not sure what our fascination is with barrel houses, but I love it. If you've ever been to either or both, let us know what they're like.

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