Two of Michigan's biggest brewers have announced the return of several beers as the fall season begins.

Pure Michigan Autumn IPA

The first item is about a continuing partnership between Pure Michigan and Short's Brewing. Pure Michigan Autumn IPA is a "100 percent Michigan-grown and harvested IPA that highlights the state’s agricultural bounty and nationally-recognized craft beer industry", according to a release from Pure Michigan. This is the third year for this beer, but for the first time, it will be sold outside of Michigan at retailers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Colorado, along with being distributed to retailers, restaurants, bars, and pubs in Michigan. Among the major retailers here are Meijer and D&W Foods.

Pure Michigan is particularly touting the 100% Michigan ingredients in the making of the brew. Dave Lorenz, a vice president at Travel Michigan says,

“We love this ongoing partnership with Short’s Brewing Company because it’s an opportunity to spotlight our craft brewery heritage in the state, the bountiful harvest season we all enjoy and now it presents another opportunity to connect with our friends and neighbors at Short’s and throughout the Midwest in hopes to grab a beer together again soon.”

All the ingredients are from Michigan maltsters Empire Malting Company, Great Lakes Malting Company, and Valley View Farms, as well as hops from the MI Local Hops and Hop Alliance.

Bell's Sideyard Ale, and Sideyard Crystal Ale, and Sideyard Triumph Ale.

The second beer news item comes from Bell's, which announced Sideyard Ale (a New England-style IPA) will return October 8th, and two offspring from it will come along for the ride, Sideyard Crystal Ale, and Sideyard Triumph Ale. Both those beers will be available at Bell's Eccentric Cafe and Bell's General Store. The name comes from a side yard at the Bell's facility in Comstock that was first planted in the early 2010's.

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