Did you even know that Michigan had the cheapest prices for a case of beer?

I did not.

According to an article in MLive and a study by a news site named Simple Thrifty Living, Michigan once had the cheapest beer prices for a case of beer in the entire country.

What does that tell us about Michigan?

Simply Thrifty Living found that in 2017 Michigan had the cheapest beer prices in the country.  Unfortunately for some that is no longer the case.

Let us first understand their methodology.  Simply Thrifty Living chose the beers in their study via volume of beer sold due to the national popularity, they chose a 24-pack of Bud Light and Miller Lite. They then chose zip codes with a mix of urban and rural areas to get what they called a representation of different parts of each state. They then took the average price of the two beers together and rounded to the nearest cent.  They stated that their numbers reflected prices only, “taken from the retailers, and do not reflect any additional taxes or fees, such as recycling fees”.

With that methodology in mind Michigan held the top spot in 2017 at $14.62 a case.

As of 2018 Michigan tied with Kansas for fifth at $16.07.  Wow that was quite a drop going from 1st to 5th place.  How did we drop 4 places well according to the study a case of the beers they focused up increased by $1.50 in one year.  Why, the study does not inform us.

Some good news to know though is that the states of Illinois and Michigan were the only states to remain in the top 5 cheapest states from the year before.

What states moved ahead of us, well the states came in as:

  • South Carolina at $15.32 a case
  • New York at $15.98 a case
  • and Rhode Island at $15.98 a case.

Which states, if you are a beer drinker, you should be happy you do not live in:

  • Alaska had the highest price at $31.21 a case
  • Wyoming at $26.68 a case
  • Hawaii at $22.39 a case
  • Montana at $22.28 a case
  • and Tennessee at $22.25 a case

$32.21 a case, wow it must cost an awful lot to transport that beer up there or that is the price that people are willing to pay to keep warm in Alaska.

In these times of so much negative news it is good to point out some good news.  I guess that could be said in less you have a problem with drinking.

Michigan enjoy a relatively cheaper cost of a beer but remember to never drink and drive.

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