We've been promised reform, but Michigan rates are still the highest in the country. These 5 companies can get you the cheapest car insurance in the state.

Car insurance- the product you have to buy, but hope you never have to use. Despite new legislation that went into effect in July of 2020 designed to lower costs, Michigan's auto insurance is again the most expensive in the United States. Michiganders are paying an average of $1,908 a year for coverage, compared to Wyomingites who only pay $274 annually.

We're not even talking about high-risk drivers either. Those policies are even more expensive, with 16-year-olds paying 257% more for car insurance than 55-year-olds on average, and drivers with a DUI pay 186% more for car insurance than drivers with a clean record. We're betting Michiganders are a big part of the 105 million Americans who say they’re not getting their money’s worth from their car insurance.

Most Expensive States for Auto Insurance 2021

  1. Michigan | $1,908
  2. New York | $1,828
  3. New Jersey | $1,287
  4. Louisiana | $1,263
  5. Delaware | $1,133

So, "cheap" auto insurance is all relative in Michigan, but Wallethub crunched the numbers and might be able to make sure you have a little coin left for fuel. Keep in mind, the type of coverage you carry directly impacts the price. Full coverage car insurance costs 101% more than minimum coverage in Michigan. You driving record is also a major factor, with speeding tickets increasing your rates for 3-5 years. An at-fault accident will increase your rates 50% for the same period of time and a DUI can get you dropped altogether by a "regular" company and cost you way more with a specialty agency.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Michigan

  1. Travelers
  2. Secura
  3. Chubb
  4. USAA
  5. Nationwide
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Best States for Cheap Car Insurance

Source: WalletHub

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