If you're a fisherman in the state of Michigan, you can't catch a break.  Were the lakes ever frozen long enough for safe ice fishing?  Add to that all the invasive species that have affected populations and other various negative impacts, it hasn't been the best situations and conditions lately.

Now, according to an article from upnorthlive.com, the Michigan Department Of Natural Resources is cutting in half it's catch limit for one of the state's most popular sport fish the yellow perch.  The yellow perch is almost as popular to catch as it is to eat!  Starting April 1st, the daily possession limit will be 25 on most waters.  The 2 exceptions will be Lake Erie where the limit will remain at 50 and Lake Gogebic (where my dad grew up and I fished as a kid) in Gogebic and Ontonagon Counties will limit 25 but they have to be 12 inches.  The reason for all of this is obvious.  They want to ensure the population of perch stays strong.



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