The solved murder of a Battle Creek woman after 32-years will be featured on an upcoming Investigation Discovery broadcast.

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In January of 2021, the family of Gayle Barrus finally got the answers they waited more than 32 years for.  After many failed attempts to identify the suspect Battle Creek Police Detective Scott Marshall was finally able to tell the family of Gayle Barrus that without a shadow of a doubt the murderer has been identified. Roger Plato, who had long been a suspect, was identified as the person who murdered the single mom.

It was an answer that Gayle's family and friends and had hoped and prayed for. While they finally knew who was responsible, legal justice could not be served. Plato was shot and killed by Battle Creek police just days before the missing single mother's body was found on October 25, 1988, by hunters in Emmet Township.

Another man, Richard Compton, was long believed to have helped Plato in some capacity. Compton died while homeless of sepsis and cirrhosis of the liver some years ago.

At the time of Gayle's disappearance, she had been working at two bars, one in Battle Creek and the other in Augusta. She was last seen in the very early morning hours at Speed's Koffee Shop at 1425 West Michigan Avenue. Witnesses at the time said she left with a dark-haired man. That was the last time anyone would see Gayle alive.

On The Case with Paula Zahn - April 2022

The family of Gayle Barrus recently sat down for an interview for the show "On the Case with Paula Zahn" which is expected to air in April 2022. Gayle's son James recently shared his thoughts on the experience.

For me, the element that always kept hope alive was learning of other cold-cases that got solved. Each and every story just kept that flame burning in me, and I hope sharing mom's story can do the same for others. ~James

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