The question is, do you tip law enforcement when they deliver your food?

One thing many people love about ordering food thru an app like Uber Eats is the ability to track the delivery.  You can watch your food get closer to your location in real-time.  It had to be strange for the customer in Trenton, Michigan who was waiting on their lunch from Qdoba last Thursday.  They likely saw that the delivery driver stopped a few minutes away.  The driver's location probably just sat there for quite a while.  Then, a police officer is knocking at the door holding a bag of Qdoba.

This all started when Sgt. Aaron Biniarz pulled over the food delivery driver for a traffic infraction only to find they had an outstanding warrant from a nearby law enforcement agency.  The News Herald reports that the Trenton cop decided to finish the job for the now incarcerated driver,

Biniarz picked up the bag, found the address where it was to be delivered and took it upon himself to complete the transaction.

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The traffic stop occurred around Noon that day.  Then later that day the Trenton Police Department posted about the delivery on their Facebook page,

Service with a smile? Or is it freaky fast? Either way, when your Uber eats/Doordash driver has a license snafu while on his route, Sgt. Biniarz comes to the rescue with delivery. What can blue do for you.

Apparently, the customer did not answer the door for the officer, so he left the food at the door.

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