We've all heard by now that we're in an El Nino year in the U.S. And for some, that might be a good thing. Others, especially those who enjoy the snow, it could mean waiting until WELL into the late winter months for the white stuff.

This year's El Nino has been especially strong, bringing heavy rain and snowfall to the western United States earlier in the year. But now, we're down to the final two months of 2023, so what does this mean for Michigan's Winter outlook?

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Well, to put it bluntly... warm. Michigan will be quite warm, at least for the next few weeks. El Nino is essentially a long-term warm weather system that comes out of the Pacific Ocean, and up the coast of South America, before it reaches the U.S., and flows inland.

During strong El Nino years, like this year, warm weather pockets form over areas of the country that would normally be in long-sleeve season by now. But as we have noticed, Michigan has been been unseasonably warm this year.

Highs for nearly a week in October were still in the 70s, with some 80s in Ohio and Indiana. And forecasters in Michigan show that over the next two weeks, we will see much higher than average temperatures for November.


As the forecast moves forward, things settle down some, but most of Michigan still has about a 50% chance of above-average temperatures through the beginning of December.

Now, here's the kicker, though... it won't be hot. Highs will still be in the 50s and 60s at the most, which is FAR from shorts and tank top weather. Compared to parts of the rest of the country, we'll still be much cooler and comfortable.

BUT, it does mean that Michigan will likely have to wait longer than normal for any kind of accumulating winter precipitation. We have already seen a small dose of winter weather, but it seems, sadly, that will have to tide us over until El Nino moves on from the U.S.

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