Saturday, it was practically a no-brainer that Michigan was going to beat Iowa... unless you were part of College Game Day apparently (See below). Michigan was nearly a 95% favorite to beat the Hawkeyes in the Big Ten Championship in the eyes of analysts, and were for sure going to end up one of the Top 2 teams in the country.

Iowa fans mostly knew what was coming, except maybe one golf complex in Cedar Rapids, who promised free beer until Iowa scored in the game. Oops.

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For those that missed it, Michigan blanked Iowa in the Big Ten Championship, 26-0. Jim Harbaugh was back on the sidelines, and the Wolverines took on the Big Ten West Champions, thinking it was all in the bag. But some questioned whether Michigan could still do it.

College Football Gameday aside, most fans had common sense, and knew that the Wolverines were an unstoppable force. They'd decimated nearly all of their opponents, aside from a few close calls in ranked Big Ten foes Penn State, Maryland, and Ohio State.

But even the most skeptical of fans thought Iowa would put some points on the board, including the X-Golf facility in Cedar Rapids, who brought back their annual "Pour until Iowa Scores" promotion. That was a mistake.

Yep, X-Golf, which is kind of like an indoor version of Top Golf, and rents out bays to groups of people to drive golf balls, promised free pours to people so long as Iowa remained scoreless. So if you rented a bay during the game, and stayed the entire time... you drank for free all night.

We can only imagine how many broken drivers that X-Golf facility had to deal with at the end of Saturday Night.

Hail. On to the Rose Bowl.

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