Schoolhouse Rock! taught us language, math, and how bills become laws. Years later, Histeria! taught us history. Now we have a new animated series that teaches today's children how to cope with emotional stress. Introducing Rocketoons, a Michigan made series that not only educates through entertainment, they are teacher approved as they are aligned with Common Core State Standards. Parents, educators, counselors, and children, alike, are invited to learn the impact of divorce, bullying, moving away, and how to get back up when you've been knocked down. According to a quote from Reeths-Puffer 4th grade teacher Shari Krukowski, in the press release:

It's like an icebreaker that allows teachers to really discuss these topics and change negative thoughts and behaviors into positives!”

Childhood stress can have a lifelong impact on young lives. It's even been linked to heart disease and shorter lifespan. With that being the case, we need every tool in our emotional shed to teach children how to cope, and how to care. Best of all, Rocketoons is FREE, so every child in all 83 counties in Michigan has the opportunity to benefit from their lessons.

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