The annual Winter Carnival hosted by Michigan Technological University has, once again, come and gone.

Being new to Michigan, I'm impressed with the fact that people purposefully go outside even when its below freezing. So, imagine my awe and wonder when I came across the snow sculptures created at Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival.

According to their website, the carnival has been occurring every year since 1922 with a different theme each year. This year, the theme was, "Our Favorite Cartoons for Snowy Afternoons". And, man, did these students deliver.

Now, there were a lot of contenders all of which you can see on Michigan Tech's Flickr or their Facebook page. There are categories for month long sculptures and all night sculptures which, again, you can find on Michigan Tech's website but, below you'll find the winners for the men's, women's and co-ed categories. Take a look!
(Btw, if you're in a rush, Michigan Tech also does a summary of their winners on their youtube page. You can see it here.)

Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival Snow Sculpture Winners

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