Wait a minute!  You're not allowed to live in a camper you own on property you also own?  That just doesn't seem right.  I understand that there are specific ordinances that have to do with number of dwellings and so forth but what if there are extenuating circumstances?  Or what if there are not?  Once again we have to wrestle with what we think should be common sense and what the letter of the law might be.

In an article on wilx.com, a man named Robert Sharp in Jackson county was ticketed for living in his camper on his own property and there seems to be legitimate causes for doing so.  He lost his job and home due to medical reasons and is trying to build a new house on this land.  Unfortunately, the weather and other peripheral issues have delayed the process.  Subsequently, the Tompkins Township supervisor said he could live in the camper till the house was ready but still got a ticket in the mail citing zoning violations.  Really???  This just doesn't sit right!  Check out more of the details by clicking HERE.

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