As we continue this odyssey or should we say long strange trip to full implementation of legal recreational marijuana, there are several setbacks including cities and municipalities banning the sale of said product.  This has, among other things, given rise to increased illegal sale of pot which in turn leads to more violence in the illegal drug world.  As it stands there is no legitimate way to measure legal use due to a lack of sales records.  So how can the State of Michigan confidently measure how much more or less weed is being consumed?

Well according to an article on, the State of Washington, where marijuana is also legal, used federal funds to measure usage increases by analyzing raw sewage.  That's right, they drove to the sewage treatment plants and ran tests.  The result, by the way, was double the amount of usage from 2014 when legal pot stores opened in the sate.  Check out more of the crap they found by clicking HERE.



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