It's no shock that Michigan and Ohio can't stand each other and that this age-old rivalry is far from being squashed. But according to a recent survey, it's looking like the hatred may be a bit of self-destruction from the inside. Michigan and Ohio have been named two of the most hated states in the country, with Michigan making the Top 10.

Michigan was ranked the 7th most hated state, while Ohio came in at the 12 most. It's important to know in the survey they found only 1 stated hated Michigan...gee we wonder who that was. But how did they determine these stats?

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According to Zippia, they did a bit of research to gather their findings, both in and out of each state:

To turn hate into a science, we started by looking at the percentage of residents who told Gallup their state is the “worst possible state to live in.” However, since they live there it seems like they would know best. From there, we decided to look at “foot” votes; Basically, is the population growing?  Who likes it enough to be willing to box up and carry all their possessions? The larger the population decreased, the more hated the state. We used handy data from the ACS to compare the two most recent years of population numbers.

All I can say as a Michigander is I've BARELY ever heard anyone say they dislike living in the state, Michiganders are proud of where they live, for the most part. I'm not sure of the validity of the findings, but all I can say about the ONE state that hates us, it's because they AIN'T us.

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