I don't know why a Michigan police department had to issue this public service announcement, but the Bath Township Police Department took to their Facebook page to remind White Claw drinkers that laws do apply to people drinking this summer's hottest spiked seltzer. Quote, "FYI: There ARE still laws when you're drinking Claws. Especially when you get white girl wasted while drinking that fruity water and do something stupid." Presumably, this police department took it seriously when they started seeing people post or hearing someone say "Ain't no laws when you're drinking Claws." They took that seriously. Insert eye roll.

But they aren't the only police department to issue such a message. According this article from MLive, Police in Kenosha, Wisconsin issued a similar warning, "Recently we have heard the saying going around “Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws.” We are here to remind you that even when you’re drinking White Claws, laws still do apply! Remember to drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive!", and Portland, Maine police posted, quote, "We have been made aware of a popular saying “ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws”. To clear the air: here in Portland, laws still apply even when you’re drinking claws. Or drinking anything else. RT to keep your “bros” out of trouble".

It's alcohol. The people drinking it know this. A silly little rhyming one-off of a sentence became a meme and summer 2019 catchphrase and some folks are taking it way too seriously. I think we can all relax and drink our White Claw responsibly.

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