It might be time to say the golden age of craft beer in Kalamazoo just might be over. Boatyard Brewing announced today it will be ending operations on East Patterson Street, and closing on August 31st.

This news comes on the heels of the "merger" between Saugatuck Brewing and Gonzo's Bigg Dogg Brewing in Kalamazoo earlier this year that has seen Gonzo's become essentially Saugatuck East. Along with that, the uncertainty surrounding Arcadia Ales is making this the year of contraction rather than expansion and growth.

In an email and Facebook post, the announcement said:

The economics of Kalamazoo’s brewing industry is ever-changing and while making great beers and creating an inviting atmosphere in which to enjoy them, sometimes it's not enough.  Customers embraced Boatyard from the very beginning and we can’t thank you enough for your support, business, and friendship. Everyone at Boatyard appreciates all the Kalamazoo community has done to support the charities we supported.  While the Kalamazoo community has supported our business, it has been difficult to keep Boatyard a viable business. The investors have reviewed the recent financials and have made the decision not to keep the Boatyard open. It is with heavy hearts we announce that August 31st will be the last day that Boatyard will be open for business.

While local giant Bell's appears to be thriving, it's harder to tell with the remaining players.  Some are still expanding and new operations do still continue to open, but it also seems fair to say a business shakeout is happening in the marketplace.

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