It's not uncommon to get a little lost when you've maybe had a few too many drinks. Hell, I've done it just a few blocks from my own home before. (The family that took me in that night was very kind.)

But that was accidental. In Indiana, they aim to get you drunk and lost ON PURPOSE with what is now an annual event in Columbus.

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The 6th Annual Corn Maze Beer Fest will happen Oct. 7th at 450 North Brewing Company, just outside of Columbus, Indiana. On the surface, it seems fun... until, you see the overhead shot of the brewery.

Google maps
Google maps

That is a full blown maze carved into the crop just south of the brewery, and every year, 450 North turns it into their main event of the year. And it's not just 450 North that participates. More than 80 breweries from across the country attend the event every year, scattered across 11 acres of corn.

My guess is, they put 450 North's biggest competition toward the back.

But this is insane. Walk to the front gate, get you a beer, and wander into the corn to find more beer, food, and run into other drunk maze-goers. Not to mention, you KNOW drunk people aren't going to adhere to the paths carved into the corn. Everyone will want their "Field of Dreams" moment, and disappear into the corn.

How many people you think they lose every year?

All kidding aside, this actually sounds like a lot of fun. The festival is October 7th at the brewery's headquarters. Gates open at 11 a.m., with maze access at 12:30 for VIP ticket holders, and then it opens to General Admission from 2-6 p.m.

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