As we tread lightly into the next phase of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there are still many questions left unanswered. Important questions.  Questions that deal with life and death.  There are also seemingly less than serious questions but ones we are all asking.

For those of us who are sports fans, we want to know what the future holds, what it's going to look like and what will have to be done to get it back.  Some might criticize putting sports ahead of more important priorities but lets not forget that sports is a big business that is critical to the health of our economy.

The big 4, Major League Baseball, The NBA, The NHL and The NFL are all taking the necessary steps to bring their respective sports back or, in the case of the NFL, preparing to start the 2020 season.  And then there's College Football which is also big business.

The difference here, of course, is that it's made up of "student" athletes and the ramifications of college athletes possibly not being students this Fall and maybe longer.  What this conundrum has produced is an argument with 2 definitive sides with more than a few solutions.

So far we've heard that if you're not a student you can't be a student athlete therefore you can't compete for your school.  We've also heard that, since the NCAA doesn't rule over college football the individual conferences will make the call to the point of over ruling the college president.

At this point in time here's what we know.  Western Michigan University is expecting students in the Fall, Michigan and Michigan State are waiting till as late at July to make the call and elsewhere states like California have shuttered the "state" universities but does't include USC or Stanford which are private.

And then there's Notre Dame.  Their plan is to open the campus for Fall 2020 and send students home for Thanksgiving and then make the call concerning 2021.  What this looks like to many people is they're allowing students to attend class just so they can play football.  HUH!!!

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