It's kind of hard to get this image out of one's mind, but now that he's retired, Bob Seger is embracing a chance to learn and use the ever growing world of digital everything.

USA Today reports Seger is excited to be launching a new You Tube channel.

"Seger’s channel kicked off Friday with a video for his signature 1976 hit “Night Moves” — a colorful clip of denim-patched retro Americana and animated lyrics in the fashionable style of today." - USA Today

Seger's record company, Capitol, says the site will be updated weekly, and will be a mix of previously unreleased footage from Seger's 50 plus year career, and long with new ways to expand on his abilities as a storyteller.

This move is quite a turnaround in philosophy for Seger, who has been a hold out on many things digital. The story says he only allowed his music to be streamed less than three years ago, and he hasn't been big on posting videos, either.




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