The sides of the road are filthy, dirty, disgusting, and littered pretty heavily in some places. Communities will do all they can to clean them up, and dispose of as much trash as possible. But when you've got thousands of vehicles on the road a day, things are bound to fly out of, or off of vehicles.

Some states have their own quirks, but Michigan certainly has some that are unique only to us.

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One thing unique about Michigan is our winter. Most places can expect a decent covering of snow that gets plowed into drifts on the side of the road. Some of those drifts can stick around for months at a time

It's only after they melt, do we truly see the things that end up on the side of the roads in parts of Michigan.

Things You'd Expect To Find on the Side of Michigan Roads

Things Other Drivers Hate Michigan Drivers For

Ever wonder why you get dirty looks from people on the road who AREN'T from Michigan? It might be because of some of these driving habits we have.

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