I remember as a kid the whole "Spring Forward," and "Fall Back" thing was actually kind of fun. It felt like time traveling, and one Sunday morning in the Spring, you suddenly wake up to a sky full of sunlight instead of near darkness. Likewise, in the Fall, You got to sleep in an extra hour before church, and all the little church ladies would make a special brunch for everyone.

Those were simpler times, and of course, I wasn't an adult yet. I didn't have a full-time job (or two), and still had a normal, functional metabolism. Nowadays, it seems like Daylight Saving Time feels more like a pain and a nuisance than anything else. But nonetheless, here we go again!

March 10th, at 2 a.m., Daylight Saving Time will be upon us once again, and of course it's Spring, so we'll "Spring Forward" and lose an hour of our lives for the next 7 months. And yes, we will actually be ON DST (Daylight Saving Time), as opposed to the ST (Standard Time) that we stick to during the late fall and winter in most of the U.S.

The idea was conceived by Benjamin Franklin as a JOKE he wrote in letter to the Journal of Paris in 1784. HE wasn't really serious bout it, but easily-influenced people in power actually thought... "ya know... he's on to something."

Michigan Daylight Saving Time

Fast forward to 1908, and Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada became the first place in the world to implement DST, followed shortly by the German Empire in 1916... which in hindsight, should have been the first red flag that this was a bad idea.

Regardless of how we feel about it now, though, here we are, and nearly all of the U.S. implements Daylight Saving Time every Spring and Fall, with the 2024 "Spring Forward" close to our doorsteps.

Maybe this is FINALLY the year Michigan decides enough is enough, and we get rid of it? I would LOVE to NEVER Spring forward again in my lifetime.

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