The eclipse of 2017 was a phenomenon like the astronomy world had never known. When the next total solar eclipse passes over North America in April of 2024, Michigan will get to experience something that didn't happen in 2017, totality of the eclipse.

Totality means the sun is fully blocked by the moon. In 2017, all Michigan got was a partial eclipse. The catch - there's only one place in Michigan that will see totality.

2024 Eclipse Path Across Michigan

According to, the path of totality will pass between Detroit and Toledo, making Monroe, Luna Pier and the southeast sliver of Monroe County 'ground zero' for totality in Michigan.

Elsewhere across lower Michigan, we'll see 95% or greater coverage from the sun in a line from the tip of The Thumb, through Saginaw, north of Lansing and approximately Benton Harbor.

If you're planning ahead, the eclipse will happen just after 3PM on the afternoon of April 8, 2024.

Already eclipse viewers say the prime place to be during this ellipse will be Niagara Falls where an rare astronomical phenomenon will occur over one of the Earth's great natural wonders.

2024 eclipse path

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