Yesterday was the solar eclipse, and all over the country. People flocked to all of the Airbnb and cities that fell within the range of the complete totality of the eclipse. The event was something that we all collectively shared no matter where you were in the country and it was, about an hour and 40 minutes from the time that the moon first touched the sun to the moment it faded away from its view.

The event was exciting and brought everybody together to collectively do what we were always told NOT to do as kids, which was look at the sun. Well, good news for the people of Ohio, because now that the eclipse event is over, residents can now continue to look at the sun without glasses again.

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You Shouldn't REALLY Look At The Sun Without Glasses

That being said, you can cause serious damage to your eyes by doing so. Although it’s not something I suggest doing, the eclipse glasses won’t do you any good anymore other than helping you not go blind.

Ohio Eclipse Conspiracy Theories

There’s no sense in wearing those glasses because the next time we will be able to catch any kind of totality for a solar eclipse will be on August 12, 2045, when it travels coast to coast spanning the lower 48 states, but even then the totality will not reach the Midwest until Kalamazoo falls within the dead center of its path in 2099.

So sadly for us, we won’t be seeing a solar eclipse anytime soon unless you plan on taking a road trip and seeing it elsewhere. But residents of Ohio may as well just recycle their eclipse glasses.

If you couldn't tell this was a bit of satire and info about the next event. Don't take it literally, because we do not condone you ruining your eyesight. Only a complete moron would look right at the sun.

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Getty Images

Do Not Believe These Eclipse Conspiracy Theories

Photos of the April 8, 2024 Eclipse from Southwest Harbor

Thanks to Jonathan Hagerthy who took these photos from outside the Southwest Foodmart in Southwest Harbor!

Gallery Credit: Chris Popper

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