A recent scientific answer has been floated to explain the disappearances that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle for centuries - small but massively strong storms known as micro-bursts.

According to a Science Channel documentary, recently revealed satellite imagery shows hexagon shaped clouds that are indicators of this microburst storms that are capable of 170 mile-per-hour winds.

Do 'Air Bombs' Explain the Michigan Triangle, Too?

Like the Bermuda Triangle, there is a section of Lake Michigan that is also notorious for shipwrecks, and vanishing boats, airplanes and people.

The Michigan Triangle extends along approximately southern 2/3 of Lake Michigan from Ludington to Benton Harbor in Michigan to a point on the Wisconsin shore at Manitowoc.

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The Great Lakes region is not immune to deadly micro bursts. One of the earliest documented examples occurred in 1890 when a micro burst caused shipwreck killed 89 people on a lake near the Wisconsin-Minnesota border.

This video captured a micro burst occurring along the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago.

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