Wrestling promoter Vince McMahon is set to return to professional football nearly two decades after the one-and-done XFL season of 2001. The new league is set to launch in 2020.

The new XFL is forming under the umbrella of Alpha Entertainment, a company founded by McMahon that will be separate from the WWE. Sports and wrestling industry media widely reported the relaunch of a Vince McMahon football league in the days leading up to the announcement.

Here are some wild hair speculations on 8 Michigan locations that could see an XFL franchise.


This city is due for a winner. And with the Lions grasping failure from the jaws of success season after season with no Super Bowls and scant few playoff appearances to show for their efforts, Lord, Mr. Ford, isn't Detroit ready for some new football blood?

Come to think of it, perhaps the northern suburb of Pontiac should be the host city for the new XFL. Pontiac's Silverdome hosted the spectacular Wrestlemania III and would be close to the heart of WWE's Vince McMahon, so perhaps Oakland County deserves the franchise.


Surprised? You shouldn't be, the largest city in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is filled with scrappy, rough-and-tumble individuals who would fit right in with the lifestyle of the nascent league. Plus the city has an arena ready to go. The Superior Dome could host games right away.

Grand Rapids

The city has been a host of myriad Arena Football franchises but Michigan's Second City is ready to step onto a larger stage. Consider that the Grand Rapids area is the 38th largest metro area (CSA) in the country, larger than Memphis and Birmingham, other cities that often get non-NFL pro football franchises.

Lansing or Ann Arbor

One of Michigan's largest college towns could make a perfect home base in Michigan for the new league if they don't get overshadowed by the boys from the Big House or the Green and White. But with the way Michigan's college teams have been playing lately, there's likely room for another game in town.


Just like any league that goes up against the NFL, you've got to be a puncher. And there are no other cities in Michigan that fit the bill of the ornery underdogs than the mid-Michigan rust-belt burgs of Flint and Saginaw. If there are any cities that could encapsulate the smashmouth attitude of the original XFL, it's Flint and Saginaw.

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