The XFL kicks off this weekend.  During the games this season, you will see numbers on screen that you never see in NFL games.  

According to the story from M-Live,  XFL broadcast on ESPN and ABC will feature point spreads and over/under totals along with the score on the screen.

The NFL doesn't allow announcers to discuss gambling during broadcast, but a few have referenced gambling in creative ways.

As gambling rules change across the country, the XFL is giving football fans another change from the NFL.

Saturday and Sunday is week one in the XFL and will feature two games on Saturday and two on Sunday.

The kick off for the new season will be Saturday, Feburary 8th at 2 p.m. with Seattle against DC.  You can watch the game on ABC.

ESPN, ABC along with Fox will broadcast the XFL games for the upcoming season.  For all things XFL you can check out the league website here.

Check out the full 2020 XFL schedule here.

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