The University of Michigan is on a phenomenal run for the 2023 season and as unfortunate, but predictable as it is, there are outside forces who are trying to overshadow what your van is trying to accomplish this year.

This is a football team that now more than ever is fueled up to make a run at winning a national championship. Unfortunately, all season long they’ve been followed around with a rumor that has now left head coach, Jim Harbaugh, suspended for the rest of the regular season, even though there is been no public proof brought out about the alleged signs stealing he’s being accused of. While the investigation is still ongoing from the NCCA, Harbaugh has accepted the 3 game suspension from the Big 10 to focus on coaching his team into the end of the regular season.
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So what do you do about it?

The best thing you can do is continue to focus on playing football and win out the rest of the season against Maryland & Ohio State. That’s the most important thing you can do right now. Ohio State themselves have had a good year and are currently undefeated as well, but a victory over them would ensure that you will be heading to the national championship playoff, even if you Do pull the next stunt.
But what about the Big 10? Personally, I feel after the circus that the Big Ten has put on, if U of M can win out the season, I would cost the Big 10 millions of dollars and not show up for the Big Ten championship game. Every year the game brings in millions of dollars in advertising and revenue, but it’s pretty much just a game to prove who is the best in the conference that has no impact on the regular season.
You would be risking an appearance in the college playoffs, but with a perfect record, putting your foot down to let the Big 10 know what you feel about them is the right message.

What’s the aftershock?

I would love to see you have them do this, and then jump ship and go over to the SEC or possibly the Big 12. That media issue would quickly fix itself if U of M jumped to the Pac-12 as well.
It may not be a popular opinion, but the Big Ten has clearly shown that they have a personal agenda against Jim Harbaugh, and the University of Michigan, one that is a major distraction and completely unnecessary at this point in the year. It's turned into a media circus, and as many people claim, U of M if ANYTHING, did what every other team does.

Other Options

A lot of people have left feedback saying they should play the Big 10 title game, but refuse to accept the trophy, which still kind of sticks it to them without risking a national championship.

It's also important to note Jim Harbaugh has been very vocal about TV and colleges sharing revenue with players, and we all know the NCAA isn't too fond of him for speaking out for nearly 6 minutes on the matter.

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