It’s not uncommon to see spray paint markings on trees in cities. Sometimes you’ll be in a residential area and you will see a tree marked with spray paint. This can mean a number of things. It could indicate that the tree is intended to be left alone or that the tree is going to be taken down with certain specifications.

The color scheme depends on the individual city as there is no set color scheme in order nationwide. But when in Michigan what does it mean when you come across a tree with a Detroit Lions logo spray painting on it? This indication is something we know all too well, and if you ever encounter a tree with a Detroit Lions logo on it on someone’s property, here’s what it means:
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One. This person is going to be heavily inebriated on Sundays for roughly the next 24 weeks, so unless you plan on joining him on Sundays, I would just stay away from the house on weekends. It ain't gonna be pretty.
Two. This person suffers from seasonal depression. Not because it’s winter, but because the Detroit Lions have only one actual playoff victory in the Super Bowl era.
Three. This person definitely thinks this is the Lions' year. This isn’t like other years where it was the Lions' year. This year is completely different and unlike all other years, in fact, they would be willing to bet you a select amount of money that they definitely need for more Beer that this is going to be the Lions' year.
Four. It’s quite possible that that tree will either become decorated or firewood for the winter, depending on how the season goes. But good money says he won’t be short on firewood.

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