Lume is the top marijuana producer in Michigan right now, and their ambitious expansion plans include a dispensary in Sturgis, Michigan.

You've heard the jokes about any new construction being a Dollar General or a dispensary? Not even small towns are immune. A $1M+ adult-use marijuana project was approved this week by the Sturgis City Planning Commission. Sturgis Journal reports that the building currently located at 1680 S. Centerville Road will be demolished and a Lume dispensary built on the property.

Lume Cannabis is "a fast-growing company that is the largest single-state operator in the country." Legal marijuana is big business in Michigan with December sales figures setting a record at $135+ million. Lume has 30 stores across Michigan so far and is the cannabis company's goal is to add 20 more retail stores by the end of 2022. Everything sold is grown at cultivation centers, giving the company complete control of the entire process from seed to stem. The mission is locally grown and hand-trimmed cannabis "with no shortcuts or compromises."

While no opening date has yet been given, these plans usually move forward relatively quickly as the parent companies generally have the financial resources to face any challenges once the project gets underway.

This may be a big move for the small town of Sturgis, best known as the home of the last Hot 'n Now in America. Although it shares a name with the famous motorcycle rally in South Dakota, the St. Joseph county town of 10,000 would be swallowed up by the crowd of half a million bikers.

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