Few mistakes in culinary history are as unforgettable as savory Jell-O.  Yes, friends, long before it ever made an appearance in "shot" form at a sorority house, the higher-ups at Kraft were REALLY trying to push Jell-O on to the dinner plates of 1950s America. Recipes started popping up in women's magazines with pictures of shrimp defying gravity, suspended in clear, gelatinous rings, opaque mounds of something that looks more like cat food than crab pate, and... whatever the hell this is with chicken and hard-boiled eggs in it.  I mean IN it.  Jell-O even created four savory flavors to help you create you own food abortion at home; Celery, Italian Salad, Mixed Vegetables, and Seasoned Tomato.  Some of which, you can still purchase on Etsy, because of course you can.... freakin' hipsters.

So, what do these edible abominations actually taste like? I don't think I have to try any of these recipes to know that they all go over like a fart in church. If they were fantastically delicious bits of viscous goodness, Fish in Aspic would be a part of every Thanksgiving, Tomato Mousse would be a thing people would try to make better than their Mother-In-Law's, and these jiggly horrors would be in regular rotation, and  as run-of-the-mill as casseroles and "Taco Night."

But! The internets has offered up a little gem for those of you too curious to take my word for it.  Behold, a step-by-step instructional video, helping you make your very own "Perfection Salad," and a real reaction to it's... flavor? Thank you for jumping on this grenade, Glamorous Housewife!

(TL;DNW - Reaction at 2:56)