It all started after I witnessed my sister pour some applesauce on my nephews piece steak. A piece of steak from the delicious New York Strips that I had just moments earlier, pulled off the grill. I'm sorry, but applesauce DOES NOT belong on any kind of steak, let alone a New York Strip.

That's when I started thinking about others who enjoy odd combinations of food. Upon inquiring from friends and family about weird food combinations, I've come to the conclusion that its more rampant than I thought.

I then had to take it to the air and ask our listeners. Some of these combinations might just shock you. Others might give you inspiration to try them. With that said, here are some of their responses.

Sara Corralez: I love putting grape jelly on my grilled cheeses!
Tasha Beroza: I worked as a waitress for a few years, and we used to have this gentleman come in every week and order a large bowl of cottage cheese smothered with brown gravy! He said it was delicious and to try it, but I could never bring myself to do it.
Penny Ditmer Waltke: I waitressed years ago and had a customer that ate ketchup on his pancakes. Yuck
Gary Grooters: Tabasco on Oreos...
and finally this from Bruce Skaggs Jr: "Ketchup on steak. That should affect your credit score"
What about you? Any weird food combinations you want to share?
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