These days we are looking at parenting much more generationally.  By that I mean my parents were "allowed" to discipline us kids in ways that would find them in court by today's standards.  In addition, for better or worse, parents and their kids have a different relationship that provides more "friendship" qualities as they find more in common with their children.  I know that was and is the case with my wife and I.  The problem arises when parents find themselves in "negotiations" with kids that didn't exist in previous generations.  Back then no was no.  Now parents have to be more creative like this mom.

Our friends at let us know about Shaketha McGregor who's kids asked for new phones and allowances.  So she got creative and set up a "job fair" for her kids.  When they came home from school there were job listings, applications and an ad for "Mom's Credit Union".  Some of the jobs were kitchen manager, laundry supervisor and lead housekeeper.  On the application they were asked if they'd be willing to work some nights & weekends and on the bottom it read: "thank you for applying with this Mom Means Business Inc."  Well done mom...Well done.  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.

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