Meijer has grown from its home in Grand Rapids to have stores in 6 states across America. These locations are the northern-, southern-, eastern-, and western-most Meijers.

As of September, 2016, these are the most geographically extreme Meijer locations.

Northernmost - Petoskey, Michigan

At 45.3 degrees North, this is the northernmost store in the Meijer chain. 3 tenths of a degree (okay, minutes) north of a location in Alpena which sits 5 hundreths (seconds) of a degree north of the 45th Parallel, or halfway between the equator and north pole.

The Petoskey location will soon be bested by a planned Meijer location in Marquette, which would be the chain's first outlet in the Upper Peninsula.

Westernmost - Springfield, Illinois

At 89.42 degrees W, the Meijer on Conestoga Drive in Springfield is currently the westernmost.

Southernmost - Bowling Green, Kentucky

Located at 36.95 degrees North, the Meijer location that is furthest south is in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Ironically, the Bowling Green plaza that's home to Meijer also houses an outlet of another Grand Rapids-based business, Gordon Food Service.

Easternmost - Mansfield Ohio

The Mansfield, Ohio location of Meijer is the Easternmost in the chain, but just barely - beating out two other Meijer locations by being 600 and 700 feet farther east.

The Mansfield location is as 82.59 West Longitude. A location in Lancaster, Ohio is at 82.65 degrees, or a distance of approximately 600 feet while the Meijer in Sandusky is located at 82.66 degrees.

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