Well, it could have been worse. Game of Thrones could still be the hot TV show and you'd have another set of Daeneryses, Tyrions and Cerceis and Missandeis. One and all spelling nightmares. Did you really want to saddle you kid with that at the start of what would otherwise be a promising life?

Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo has released its list of top baby names for 2021. While they're not all "meat and potatoes" names, they are somewhat conventional, but it's the variations that jump out at you. How's a kid, or even a teacher, supposed to remember all the ways to spell those names?

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Let's start with the little boys born in 2021.

Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo:

1. Oliver
2. Hudson
3. Grayson/Greyson/Greysen
4. Jackson
5. Elijah
6. Liam
7. Jack
8. Wyatt
9. Aiden/Aiyden/Aidan
10. Lucas/Lukas

Bronson Battle Creek

1. Michael/Miguel
2. Greyson/Grayson
3. Kaiden/Kayden/Cayden
4. Joseph/Jose
5. Alexander
6. Lucas
7. Myles/Miles
8. Waylon/Wayland
9. Jackson/Jaxson/Jaxsyn
10. Elijah

Ok, they're all fine names, but three variations on Greysen and with two "e's" no less? Really? What about adding a "Y" to Aiyden? And Jaxsyn? That sounds like a hip spelled product name, not a little boy. (And it's good to see Michael atop the Battle Creek list. That's my son's name)

Now the little girls:

In Kalamazoo, it's
1. Charlotte
2. Evelyn
3. Harper
4. Olivia/Olyveah/Olyvia
5. Nora/Norah
6. Payton/Peyton
7. Adalyn/Adaline/Adalynne/Addalyn
8. Ava/Avah/A’Vaeh
9. Madelyn/Madalyn/Madelein/Madeline
10. Emma

Bronson Battle Creek
1. Olivia
2. Ava/Ayva/Ayvah
3. Charlotte
4. Paisley
5. Amelia/Ameela
6. Eleanor
7. Abigail
8. Clara
9. Isabella
10. Riley

Again, why are parents trying to come up with the wildest spelling of an easy name? Olivia is Olivia. There's four Ada-somethings, three Avas including one with an apostrophe, and four Madelyn. Give the kid a break.

Well, given the crazy world they're being brought into, I guess this makes sense. Good luck, kids. You'll need it.

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