Mother Love Bone, the early grunge band featuring Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament, have reunited on stage for the first time in eight years. You can watch a clip from the performance at Seattle’s Neptune Theater below.

This benefit show was staged in memory of frontman Andy Wood, whose death from a 1990 heroin overdose brought an end to Mother Love Bone’s career. The surviving members staged a one-off reunion in 2010 and, as on that occasion, last weekend's concert ended with a cover of Argent’s “Hold Your Head Up.” Mother Love Bone was rounded out by Bruce Fairweather and Greg Gilmore; they were joined this time by featured guests Shawn Smith and Ohm Johari along with others, who all took part in the finale.

Watch the Mother Love Bone Reunion

Mother Love Bone’s one and only album, Apple, was released four months after Wood’s passing at the age of 24. It had been heralded as the first release of a band destined for greatness – but the tragedy and the resulting loss of momentum meant that it failed to chart. Gossard and Ament later formed Temple of the Dog alongside Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron, with the intention of keeping Wood’s memory alive.

"Sometimes it makes me sad, and we talk about Andy every day," Gossard told Rip Magazine in 1991. "We still laugh about him, his jokes and what he would do. Not like, 'I really miss him.' We talk about Andy-isms. A lot of times I catch myself thinking I see him. It made me totally refocus, as far as my priorities."

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